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Sharing Feed the World at NETA 2019

Mar 30, 2019
A recent tech event gave us great opportunities to connect with teachers and others! Nebraska Corn Board sponsored a Feed the World booth at the Nebraska Educational Technology Association’s 2019 conference. This event was attended by over 2000 Nebraska teachers, media specialists, administrators, and IT specialists. Feed the World lead educator Heather Bryan said, “Teachers were excited to hear about the use of agriculture science in middle school, as well as high school biology, chemistry, and environmental science classrooms! It was great to connect with the Nebraska teachers and other tech specialists and…

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Top Five Myths of GMO seeds, BUSTED

Mar 19, 2019
You may have heard about GMO seeds, but was what you heard actually true? Dan Charles of NPR’s The Salt …

Increasing science literacy about GMOs

Jan 25, 2019
The Feed the World teaching team presented two “GMOs: what do you know?” workshops this month to CommonGround Nebraska volunteers. …

Ethanol “left-overs” benefit animals and environment

Jan 16, 2019
DDGs (distillers dried grain with solubles) are co-products of ethanol production. They’ve been used as loose feed for swine, poultry …

“What does ‘GMO’ stand for?”

Dec 13, 2018
People have lots of opinions, but what about knowledge? Share this video with your students to help them see how …

Feed the World workshop

How is science contributing to the future of global food and energy security? Learn how advancing technologies help us produce more with less. At a Feed the World workshop you will learn about the latest research and immerse yourself in biotechnology, soil science, water quality, energy production, and sustainable agricultural practices…

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Soil and sustainability

8 lessons

How is farming a system? What are the inputs (fertilizer, pesticide, seed) and outputs (crop yield, emissions, runoff)? What impact does soil as a storage have on the consequences of these inputs and outputs?

Energy and ethanol

6 lessons

What is ethanol? How much corn is dedicated to ethanol production? Why should corn be used to produce ethanol?

Did you know?

Nebraska ranks second in the nation for ethanol production

More than 2.1 billion gallons of ethanol was produced in Nebraska in 2017.

Ethanol is energy positive

Ethanol produces three times more energy than it takes to produce it while consuming less water than other fuels.

There are 25 operational ethanol plants and 57 E-85 stations in Nebraska

36% of Nebraska’s corn goes towards ethanol production without reducing available stocks for food and animal feed. 33% of the corn used to produce ethanol returns to the market as animal feed (DDGs).

Nebraska is home to seven major aquifer systems

If poured over the surface of the state, the water in those aquifers would have a depth of 37.9 feet (11.6 meters).