Increasing science literacy about GMOs

The Feed the World teaching team presented two “GMOs: what do you know?” workshops this month to CommonGround Nebraska volunteers. CommonGround is a national movement of farm women who want to share information about farming and the food they grow. Consumers in the cities and suburbs are more disconnected from farm life than ever before, and that disconnect has led to misconceptions about modern farming and the people behind it.

GMOs are at the center of those misconceptions, and Feed the World’s goal is to help the CommonGround volunteers improve their community’s understanding of biotechnology topics and applications.

The workshops were sponsored by the Nebraska Corn Board and held at extension offices in Kearney and Fremont. The activities presented, Breakout Boxes and Moving Genes cards, gave participants tools to use with audiences in a variety of informal events.

Feed the World presenters are also meeting with Nebraska educators who will look at curriculum and give feedback, helping to ensure the content meets all NE NGSS standards.

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