Nice to see you at NATS!

Feed the World alumni presented two workshops at the Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science. These workshops gave teachers opportunities to engage in lessons from the Feed the World website and learn more about Feed the World resources.

Sandra Meisman, Milford High School, and Patty Niemoth, Dorchester High School, led Discover biogeochemical cycles through soil testing, in which teachers discovered how nutrients move through the natural world using a 3-dimensional storyline. Next, they investigated how nutrients play an important role in local agriculture through nutrient testing. The activities are designed to help students discover biogeochemical cycles through soil inquiry, part of the Soil and sustainability unit. One free soil testing kit was given away during the workshop.

Jennifer Gonzalez of Chase County Schools presented Energy and ethanol—How Nebraska can help create an energy-independent America. This workshop focused on Corn Fermentation in a Bag, an inquiry-based lab that allows students to model the engineering design process to create ethanol. Participants investigated how different reactants drive the fermentation process to create different amounts of product.

Meisman and Neimoth took part in the Ag Biotech and STEM in Ag workshops held in Lincoln last summer, and Gonzalez attended STEM in Ag. It was great to see them share their expertise with others and to see some familiar faces at the NATS sessions!