Spot the difference!

Corn in a biology class?!? Yes!! Mary Moser of HTRS Public School chose to incorporate the lessons from the Feed the World workshop in her Biology II class. Moser said, “This class had a very strong interest in agriculture, so it was a natural fit for them to draw from their experiences to learn more about biological processes.”

After watching a video about the history of corn to pique their curiosity and get them thinking about what is growing in the fields around them, Moser had students compare the two corn plants and collect topics to further investigate.

Next, they explored an ear of corn and considered the parts of the corn plant and how an ear is produced. Then they moved into corn dissection and determined the growth stage of a corn plant. Students planted corn in the classroom for further observation and activities.

In connection with a study on respiration, the students are performing the Corn fermentation in a bag lab. They will visit the ethanol plant in Adams to see large-scale ethanol production. Moser also plans to use the biotechnology lessons on genetics and GMOs in her classroom.

Moser said, “The Feed the World workshop was very well-organized and informative, with practical lessons that fit well with biological concepts. Anytime we can make that connection for our students the more they want to learn about something. The presenters were very knowledgeable—they made everything easy to understand and gave us useful ways to include the material in our classrooms.”